Regional and creative: sustainable shopping in Kassel

You don’t buy off-the-peg clothing? Then a trip into Kassel‘s districts is just what you want. Here, not far from the shopping centres in the city, you can look forward to a completely different kind of shopping experience. A number of smaller shops and factories have settled here and delight their customers with creative ideas and sustainable products produced in the region. One example is the brightly coloured boxer shorts that are created from used bed linen at soki in Kassel’s trendy Vorderer Westen district. Original upcycling of a different kind that is almost too good to wear beneath your clothes…

In a nutshell:
How bed linen becomes stylish boxer shorts

Since 2015, the Kassel-based fashion label soki has transformed old bed linen that would otherwise probably end up in an old clothes collection into unique boxer shorts, which are now delighting increasing numbers of customers. Kira Kamm, owner of soki and a trained tailor, also brings out two collections of clothing made of organic cotton in a casual style every year. Alternatively, you can also have your new family outfits tailored from old bed linen – either from your own bedroom or from soki’s large stock of bed linen.

But why bed linen? “There is an incredibly wide variety of colours and patterns, which have a completely new effect as boxer shorts,“ explains Kira. “Grandma’s flowery bed linen will suddenly become a fashionable item of clothing that will not only delight men!” But bed linen also has other advantages: “Due to its size, a duvet cover is easy to work with – we can generally make four to six boxer shorts out of a single duvet cover. The used bed linen also has the advantage that it has already been washed umpteen times, which means that it is guaranteed not to contain any harmful substances anymore.” Almost “standard” conditions for fashionable clothing with a distinctive look.

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These shorts are just for you

You fancy having your own personal boxer shorts sewn from original or cherished bed linen? Then get to the soki store in Kassel’s Vorderer Westen district. Here, you can order your underwear in person. Alternatively, you can simply send your bed linen to Kira by post and then order your boxer shorts in the appropriate size – soki will make up to four pairs of boxer shorts from a single duvet cover. They can, of course, also be made in different sizes, for example as gifts!

Green light for sustainable products: 
The Green Concept Store

In addition to its own boxer shorts creations, soki also offers products from other labels and attractive products from the region in its Green Concept Store in the Vorderer Westen district. The product range extends from fashion and jewellery to natural deodorant and the palatable beer specialities of the Kassel brewery Steckenpferd. So it is worth dropping in – even to the soki web shop, through which you can have a number of products delivered conveniently to your home.

soki Kassel | Label & Store
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 101, 34119 Kassel

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. & Sat: 11 a.m., - 3 p.m.

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