Regional tastes best!

Smooth craft beer, honey made in Kassel and a sophisticated gin distilled in northern Hesse: numerous regional specialities enjoyed by gourmets from near and far are lovingly hand-made in and around Kassel. Of course, they also include tasty treats that are typical for Kassel and the region, whether the legendary "Ahle Worscht" or the original "Kasseler Hornaffen". You can look forward to some exciting culinary discoveries – you'll see, Kassel tastes good, too! Or, as the Kassel natives put it: "S'schmegged".


Ahle Wurscht – alles andere als alt…

One of the typical regional specialties that you can enjoy in Kassel is the "Ahle Wurscht" – a special dry sausage that is now well-known and popular far beyond Kassel. The long-matured raw sausage, also known as "Stracke" or "Dürre Runde", is anything but old: For the production, fresh meat is processed and refined exclusively with natural spices. Good Appetite!

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Gin made in northern Hesse

"Gin is in" – this call has also been heard in northern Hesse: a small distillery in Liebenau near Kassel has been producing top-quality gin for the past few years that enjoys an excellent reputation amongst connoisseurs. Besides juniper handpicked in the Diemel valley, its strong base also contains selected aromas such as grapefruit, citrus, orange, buckthorn, wakame seaweed and other botanical ingredients. Your health!

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Braumanufaktur Steckenpferd

In a former butchery, two students have set up their brewing company "Steckenpferd" - and since then produce "regional creative beer", which is not only completely vegetarian, but also extremely tasty. You can enjoy the delicious brew on site in a small bar with attached gallery. Well then cheers!

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Honey "Made in Kassel"

"Urban Beekeeping" is very much in fashion – and has long since landed in Kassel. In the middle of the city, busy bees use the abundance of flowers on balconies and traffic islands or in parks and gardens. The result: Delicious "Kasseler Stadthonig", which has already received several gold awards from the Hessian beekeeper association.

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Kasseler Hornaffe

If you want to figure out what a Kasseler Hornaffe is, don't be misled by the word "affe" – monkey – and consult an encyclopaedia, as this is not some exotic animal found only in Kassel. In fact, you'd be well-advised to find a copy of the famous dictionary of German compiled by the Grimm brothers. According to Jacob Grimm, a "hornaffe" is "a sweetmeat shaped like two horns turned toward another". It is still popular today and sold by many bakeries in Kassel and the region. The oval, strudel-like Danish pastry dough Christmas treat is filled with raising and candied orange peel, coated in marzipan and covered in chopped almonds. A truly local sweet temptation...

You can get it right in the city of Kassel

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