From Rembrandt to Graffiti (Art)

From the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister to graffiti art in the trendy Schiller quarter to the galleries of the Südstadt: Art is at home in Kassel - even in the streetscape, where the outer works of the world art exhibition documenta repeatedly open up fascinating perspectives. According to the British Guardian in Kassel, the GRIMMWELT is one of the ten best new exhibition venues in the world. You should have seen it? We also find that!

01 kassel… verliebt in saskia

350 years ago, the world-famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn died. Immortal, however, is his love for Saskia Uylenburgh, whom he married in 1634 and who died a death too early. The special exhibition “Kassel… verliebt in Saskia. Liebe und Ehe in Rembrandts Zeit“ (Kassel ... in love with Saskia. Love and marriage in Rembrandt's time) at Schloss Wilhelmshöhe is dedicated to her great love story and at the same time tells a lot about love, marriage and marriage in the Golden Age of the Netherlands.
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02 Europe's biggest formal hillside park

Around 300 years ago, Landgraf Carl delighted visitors with the attractions of "his" mountain park – ranging from the Hercules Monument to the impressive Baroque water features down to the Wilhelmshöhe Palace with its collection of antiques and paintings. Today, Europe's biggest formal hillside park is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts many thousands of visitors every year, who are just as fascinated as the Landgrave's guests were at the time...

03 bauhaus/documenta – Vision + Marke

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Bauhaus, the Neue Galerie Kassel hosts the special exhibition "bauhaus / documenta - vision und marke" (bauhaus / documenta - vision and brand). In an exciting way, it relates two important cultural institutions that have developed into visionary cultural brands of international appeal. Until 8th September 2019.
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04 Fairytale world heritage

The fact that Kassel wears two world titles is due to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The hand-copies of their world-famous children's and house fairy tales are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can be admired in the GRIMMWELT, which brings to life the life and work of the famous brothers.
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