"And Action!": Film Shop Kassel

The oldest video store in the world is located ...? In Kassel, of course! The pioneering rental business, which even made it into the Guinness Book of Records, was founded in the summer of 1975 by Eckard "Ecki" Baum. Incidentally, he also shot his first feature film in the same year and more than once picked up the camera himself in the following decades. 

In the early years, of course, there were no video cassettes or even DVDs available: at that time, you could rent films in Super 8 format together with "home cinema accessories". Today, the film shop still exists - under new management and with an extended range of offers: now you can not only rent films here, but also watch them together with others. So then: Let's start the movie at the world's oldest video store!

Great cinema in the smallest space

Whether you’re looking for BluRays, DVDs or historical treasures like VHS tapes and Super 8 films: In the world's oldest video store you can still find a huge rental selection - and get expert advice on request. Christoph Langguth and Ralf Stadler, who have been running the film shop together with the Randfilm e. V. association since 2017, are proven film experts and can provide you with many inspirational suggestions. Or you can go and see a film in store: The tiny Kiezkino is now also located here, regularly featuring offbeat masterpieces, rare debuts and forgotten classics. You can also experience concerts and other events here. The numerous activities are supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Kassel and Hessenfilm. 

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Randfilmfest: The somewhat different cinema experience

"... and disturbance for all!" - This is the motto of the Kasseler Randfilm e. V., which is dedicated to promoting offbeat film and cinema culture. Thanks to the Kiezkino inside the Film Shop, a place has also been created where you can experience films that are rarely seen on the big screen. These are almost always works by cinematic visionaries that shake things up, irritate and get under the skin. In addition to regular screenings, the association celebrates the Randfilm Festival once a year. At that time, several cinemas in Kassel will show current as well as older productions that reflect social developments and invite cinematic discourse. 

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