A pearl of the Kassel cultural landscape

In the middle of Kassel's city centre, you will find the Hugenottenhaus. Built in the early 19th century, it stood empty for a long time but has since been in regular use as a venue for art and culture for the last few years. The Perle café-bar, one of the documenta city's hippest hangouts, also has an idyllic beer garden where guests can sit under a green canopy of old trees in good weather. 

A house with history
From hotel to art venue

The Hugenottenhaus has an eventful history: built in the early 19th century, it first served as a middle-class residence and then as a hotel until the middle of the 20th century. After the Second World War, it became a popular place to celebrate during the "economic miracle": This period saw the building of the large and small ballrooms and the "Perle" hotel bar, designed by Arnold Bode, the founder of documenta. The Hugenottenhaus was first used as an exhibition venue for the World Art Exhibition in 2012. The building otherwise stood empty for around 50 years - until the artist couple Silvia and Lutz Freyer, in collaboration with the Kassel-based entrepreneur Udo Wendland, decided in 2019 to establish a permanent venue for art and culture. Since then, life has finally returned to the Hugenottenhaus and visitors can enjoy various exhibitions, readings, concerts and many other cultural events.     

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Plenty of room for ideas: Exhibitions in the Hugenottenhaus

The revival of the Hugenottenhaus kicked off in 2019 with the exhibition "Freie Zimmer" ("Free Rooms"), which Silvia and Lutz Freyer organised in collaboration with Udo Wendland. The concept was so well received that it was followed by the exhibition "Bewegte Zimmer" ("Moving Rooms") in 2020, and then a year later by "Doppelzimmer" ("Double Rooms"). In 2022, documenta temporarily moved into the Hugenottenhaus again – with the exhibition project “erste hilfe – first aid”. And speaking of documenta: some time ago, murals designed by Arnold Bode, the founder of the international art exhibition, were discovered there. You can also admire these on a tour of the historic building. From 7 July to 17 September 2023, you can see the exhibition “Bernsteinzimmer” (“Amber Rooms”) in the Hugenottenhaus.  

Café-Bar Perle:
Cake, Drinks & Culture

The former Perle Bar in the Hugenottenhaus has also been given a new lease of life - and has been expanded with the Kunstzone (art zone), a green outdoor area where you can enjoy concerts, readings and other cultural events during the summer months. You can also enjoy delicious cakes, freshly brewed coffee and, of course, cool refreshments, either in the stylish ambience of the bar or outside in the Kunstzone. During the summer season, various pop-ups and temporary culinary events are also held in cooperation with regional suppliers and projects. 

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