Buzz, buzz, buzz: 
Award-winning honey 
from Kassel's bees

Where does the best honey in Hesse come from? Kassel, of course! Hesse's regional beekeeping association has already honoured the honey produced by Kassel's official beekeeper Victor Hernández with two gold awards. The professional beekeeper regularly clambers onto Kassel's rooftops to take care of his honey bee colonies and to harvest their honey. What makes the sweet natural product made in the city so special, and how does urban beekeeping contribute to nature conservation? Read our article to find out!

Natural treat and active nature conservation

Kassel is Germany's fourth-greenest city – and therefore offers urban bees the ideal conditions. When they swarm out, they find a wide choice of flowers and pollen from plants that have not been treated with pesticides in Kassel's many parks and gardens, on balconies and in other green spaces.

Since 2011, Kassel's first official urban beekeeper Victor Hernández has turned the results of the forays of his busy bees into delicious speciality honeys that wow gourmets and experts alike. He already won several awards for the quality of his very first honey. In 2014, the city of Kassel also honoured Victor Hernández with a nature conservation prize. Over the past few years, he has successfully multiplied his honey bee colonies, which now swarm out in increasingly more of the city's districts.
By the way, Victor Hernández is also happy to share his passion for bees with others, for example in schools and kindergartens. "Because if you learn at an early age how important bees are for humankind, you are bound to also understand other active nature conservation aspects and behaviour later on," he believes. He also shares his knowledge during guided tours and on beekeeping courses.

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Every city district tastes different

Whether on the roof of the Schlosshotel in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe or the roof of the Staatstheater, or the rooftops of Kassel's Südstadt district: Victor Hernández keeps his bee colonies all over the city. The honey from each city district is harvested and processed separately – and you can taste the difference, as the busy honey bees find different vegetation in each district; every honey variety therefore has its own distinctive flavour. Kassel's urban honey is essentially as multifaceted as the many faces of the documenta city. You can sample all of the different varieties at the urban beekeeper's farm shop – and discover that no two honey varieties are the same!

"Rendezvous with the Queen"

Would you like to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Kassel's urban bees and maybe even meet a real queen bee? Then go on a guided tour with Kassel's urban beekeeper! Under the motto "Rendezvous with the Queen", Victor Hernández shows groups of up to fifteen people how urban beekeeping works, and shares interesting stories from the bee microcosm. Highlight of the tour is a visit to the bee colony in the apiary (that's the group of hives where the bees live) in the garden, and maybe, you will even witness the birth of a bee or get to meet the queen bee. Of course, the participants can also look forward to plenty of things with "a taste of honey"!

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Much more than just a sweet treat

A visit to the farm shop of Kassel's urban beekeeper is a really interesting experience. Besides different varieties of urban honey made in Kassel, you will also find plenty of other honey products here, all lovingly handmade. How about some sweet yet flavoursome honey mustard, some honey vinegar or some glorious honey liqueur similar to Germany's famous "Bärenfang"? You can also buy organic honey-based cosmetics, beeswax candles or the legendary royal jelly here, as well as products manufactured in collaboration with regional partners such as honey "Ahle Woscht" sausage made by the Caldener Wurstenhimmel company, or sustainable beeswax wraps. All products are also available from the online shop – why not have a look straight away?

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