The galleries of the Südstadt:
Contemporary art for explorers

Did you know that Kassel has a highly diverse range of museums and a thriving gallery scene? Most of them can be found in Südstadt, where Kassel's art academy is also located. Here you can embark on an exciting journey into the world of contemporary art and discover fascinating works by primarily young, international artists - including graduates and students of the Kunsthochschule. It is a creative environment, where several studios and project spaces for artists have also been established. Once a year, the gallery festival is held in the south of Kassel: Here you can enjoy art, culture, performances and live music in a great atmosphere until late in the evening. 

Galerie Rasch:
A space for young artists

Tobias Rasch is a pioneer of the gallery scene in Kassel's Südstadt. Since 2009, his gallery on Frankfurter Straße has enjoyed a good reputation far beyond the city limits. Holding approximately six exhibitions per year, he presents works by young, contemporary artists, with a focus on painting, drawing, graphic art and video. In collaboration with the neighbouring Galerie Petschel, he has also created the "Galerie Schröder" exhibition, where student works can be purchased at reasonable prices. Tobias Rasch is also involved in the Südstadt Galleries Association, which regularly organises joint exhibitions and other projects in addition to the annual gallery festival. 

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Gallery festival in Südstadt: Where art becomes a pleasure

Every year in early summer, the Galeriefest transforms Frankfurter Straße into a mile of art and culture with lots to discover: During this period, galleries, studios and shops open their doors until late into the evening. Take an inspiring stroll, experience contemporary art in all its forms and talk to gallery owners, creatives and other art enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere. Museums such as the GRIMMWELT or the Museum für Sepulkralkultur on the Weinberg are also involved. It will also include a varied supporting programme - and of course plenty of opportunities to reflect on your experiences over a tasty snack and cool drinks. 


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