Museum for Sepulchral Culture:
Dead certain to be an exciting experience!

Are there really no pockets in shrouds? How have our mourning and funeral customs changed over the centuries? And how do we address the finiteness of being today? Germany's only Museum For Sepulchral Culture looks at these and many other questions related to dying and death, funerals, mourning and remembrance in a surprisingly lively way.


The numerous fascinating exhibits at Kassel's Museum for Sepulchral Culture explore the cultural history of funeral, cemetery and mourning customs in the German-speaking countries from the Middle Ages to the present. They illustrate how the way we deal with the issues of dying and death has changed and has always been influenced by social transformations. How artists have addressed this subject also plays a role. You can even learn here that there is sometimes a funny side to death and that it is often linked to love and Eros. Besides the museum's varied collections, changing special exhibitions highlight the funeral and mourning rituals in other cultures, or the role death plays in music and films. The offer is completed by readings, plays, dance and other performances, comedy events and concerts. So, one thing is certain: You'll never be bored to death here!

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Zwei Personen betrachten Ausstellungsstücke im Museum für Sepulkralkultur

Fascinating examination of the "last things"

Artistically designed coffins and death masks, hearses and a space urn, historic costumes and delicate remembrance brooches. In the Museum for Sepulchral Culture's permanent exhibition, you can see numerous authentic exhibits that represent the entire spectrum of so-called "last things". At the same time, the exhibition illustrates the funeral customs of various religions and cultures in Germany and other countries. You can also learn more about the development of headstones and other grave markers from the Middle Ages to the present in an interesting way. The museum's impressive collection, which is constantly growing, consists of over 22,000 objects.

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Día de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead

The "Día de los Muertos“, the Mexican Day of the Dead, is celebrated at the sepulchral culture museum every two years in November. Mexican residents of the city and the museum team jointly curate a varied programme for the day with workshops, mariachi music, Mexican dances and culinary specialities. Also featured are the traditional "ofrendas", altars designed for the dead by their relatives. The "Día de los Muertos" at the Museum For Sepulchral Culture has become famous far beyond Kassel and northern Hesse, and attracts hundreds of people from all over Germany every two years.

Übergang zwischen Neu- und Altbau des Musems für Sepulkralkultur
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