documenta fifteen
100 days – countless new impressions

In 2022, the wait is finally over: from June 18 to September 25, the international art exhibition documenta takes place for the 15th time. Widely considered the most prominent exhibition series for contemporary art, documenta attracts hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts from around the world every five years. For exactly 100 days, visitors can take in exciting exhibitions at numerous Kassel locations. A diverse accompanying program is also on offer, filling the city with an unrivaled atmosphere. Enjoy a very special summer with us in Kassel and experience first hand current works of art, installations and performances by artists from all over the world.

The artist collective ruangrupa

Shaping art, culture and society together

One of the many special aspects of documenta is that a new artistic director has been appointed for every exhibition since 1972. At documenta fifteen, ruangrupa is the first to take on this role as a group of artists and other creative minds. The Indonesia-based art collective, founded in 2000, runs an art space in Jakarta and has made a name for itself on the international stage due to its communal organization of art projects and numerous publications.

For documenta fifteen, ruangrupa has developed a concept that consistently sustains the idea of collective action and is based on the principles of friendship, solidarity and community. “We want to create a globally aligned, cooperative and interdisciplinary art and culture platform that remains in effect beyond the 100 days of documenta fifteen. Our curatorial approach aims to achieve a different, community-oriented model of resource utilization – in economic terms, but also with regard to ideas, knowledge, programs and innovations.”

The basis for this concept is the Indonesian term lumbung, which can be translated as “rice barn.” It refers to a communal building where the surplus harvest is stored as a collective resource and distributed according to jointly agreed criteria. Applied to documenta fifteen, lumbung describes a kind of pooled resource fund that serves as the basis for the collaborative organization of the exhibition. ruangrupa selects international initiatives as lumbung members to broaden the collective and actively participate in the development of documenta. It is an extraordinary concept that is generating a great deal of interest for an exciting and diverse documenta in the summer of 2022.

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100 Days of Art Appreciation – 
get your tickets now!

The documenta fifteen will be opening its doors on 18 June 2022. Our tip: Buy your tickets well in advance to save precious time on the day of your visit! There are various advance ticket versions available – from day and family tickets to a pass that is valid on all 100 documenta days. The link below will take you directly to the ticket shop.


ruruHaus in the City of Kassel: 
The “living room” for Kassel

Right now, in the center of Kassel, you can already find one of the first locations of documenta fifteen: in the summer of 2020, the team from ruangrupa opened the ruruHaus in a former sporting goods store. ruruHaus is intended to be used as a space where artists and many other interested people can meet to develop, discuss and test out ideas for the exhibition. Iswanto Hartono from ruangrupa describes it as follows: “ruruHaus is a space for initiation, a community laboratory, a testing ground for collaboration. It invites you to explore, pick and choose, tell stories, simulate, articulate, meet, disperse, practice and be.” In the windows of the building, this process is brought to life with, among other things, alternating video material which presents the lumbung members. You can also share your ideas with the world for the “living room of the city” on the ruruHaus website.

Friendship, solidarity and community: 
The visual identity of documenta fifteen

Colorful and full of symbolic power: this is how the visual identity of documenta fifteen presents itself. Intertwining hands are connected by ropes – symbols that reflect lumbung’s universal values. The visual identity design was developed from a draft design by the Jakarta student collective Studio 4oo2. In keeping with the concept, the design’s color palette was inspired by natural textile dyes that have been used for generations in Indonesia. As a widely visible distinguishing feature, you can also admire the visual identity of documenta fifteen on the ruruHaus.

lumbung calling: 
Immerse yourself in the world of documenta fifteen

Are you curious about the program of accompanying events at documenta fifteen? Then in the coming months you can already immerse yourself in the world of ruangrupa together with the makers of the exhibition. Under the title lumbung calling, members of the collective present a seven-part talk series, in which alternating guests discuss the values of lumbung: Local Anchor, Humor, Generosity, Independence, Transparency, Sufficiency and Regeneration. You can view a live stream of the discussions on documenta fifteen’s Facebook and YouTube pages or the recorded version on YouTube.


documenta is now!
Experience world-class art every day

Did you know that you can experience documenta art in Kassel practically every day, instead of having to wait every five years? At many places in the city, you encounter large-format outdoor artwork from documenta exhibitions of past decades. You can explore these with a free audio guide on three different routes. You can also view a great deal of documenta art in the Neue Galerie, where the presentation “about: documenta” devotes the entire upper floor to the world art exhibition. Additional information can be found in our “365 Days of documenta” section.

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