A good place to shop

Whether the latest fashion trends, unusual jewellery or handmade confectionery: Kassel is also extremely multi-faceted when it comes to shopping. Stroll past the countless shop windows in the city centre whilst eating an ice cream, or make a detour to Kassel's trendiest district where you will find small shops with a really special atmosphere. You are bound to return from your shopping spree with one or two great finds...

Kassel city centre

Königsstraße is Kassel's “Fifth Avenue“ and the centre of the city's shopping world: More than 600 specialist retail shops sit cheek by jowl on Kassel's main shopping mile, which is actually around one kilometre long. Along the way, you will pass shopping centres like the Königsgallerie or the Kurfürstengallerie that are home to many more shops and food outlets. Roughly half-way down Königsstraße, you will find Königsplatz square, which divides Untere (“lower“) Königsstraße from Obere (“upper“) Königsstraße. The most distinctive feature of this circular square is the fact that there are 36 bronze fountains where especially children like to refresh themselves in the summer. The shopping centre “City Point“, opened in 2002, is also located by the square. It houses more than 60 shops and food outlets that sell tempting culinary delights. There are also numerous other cafes on Königsplatz and Friedrichsplatz that can't wait to spoil their guests.


Did you know... that Treppenstraße in Kassel's city centre was Germany's first pedestrian zone and has already been used as a setting for famous movies several times? For example, it appeared in the 1960 movie “The Last Pedestrian“, starring Heinz Ehrhard, a German comedian who was immensely popular at the time. Treppenstraße links Hauptbahnhof main railway station with Friedrichsplatz square via a total of 104 steps that help pedestrians to overcome an elevation drop of around fifteen metres. When it was opened in 1953, it was considered a symbol for the fresh start Kassel was making after the terrible destruction the city had suffered during World War Two. At a time when town planners seldom put the needs of pedestrians first, it was an architectural exception. Today, the listed steps are lined with countless shops and restaurants that invite you to stay and linger.

Shopping for individualists

Far away from busy Königsstraße, small artisans' workshops and unusual shops have their own unique impact on Kassel's retail landscape. In the cultural and artists' quarter Vorderer Westen, for example, a “midinette“ makes tailor-made corset creations in her own studio, whilst you can buy more than 600 different types of walking sticks of all shapes in the “Stockshop“. The best place to buy your levitated water with natural energy is “Lichtquell“, and “Soki“ transforms old bed linen into charming sustainable products. A confectionery course in the “Pralinenwerkstatt“ is a great experience for chocolate lovers, and “Perlenrausch“ creates individual, unique pieces of jewellery. And “Lifestyle“ turns customers into designers as they can choose the length and colour of the clothing themselve. Wow! Shopping in Kassel is so much fun!

From A to B in an instant

A relaxed shopping spree in Kassel is made even easier by the city's public transport system, which gets you where you want to go fast and without any hassle. In no time at all, passengers are transported to the stop they need via Kassel's well-developed rail network, in busses or on its RegioTrams which, by the way, also run far beyond the city. You can conveniently catch a RegioTram to one of the region's many attractive day trip destinations. You can buy tickets at the stops or on the bus, train or tram. You can also find all timetables and the entire route network on the homepage of Kassel's public transport provider, the Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft AG (KVG). So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and enjoy the ride!

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