KolorCubes: Colourful walls for Kassel!

Local graffiti and street art project KolorCubes has been creating large-scale wall murals in the streets of Kassel since 2015 – in collaboration with artists from all over the world and mainly in Kassel's trendy Schillerviertel district. This is also where the KolorCubes WorkSpace is located, an open art studio and arts & culture council office that hosts workshops and is also the starting point for guided tours through the "public art gallery" created by KolorCubes.

Art in public spaces

The declared aims of the graffiti project KolorCubes are to get people together and to enrich urban spaces with large-scale art.

What began with three wall murals in Kassel's Schillerviertel district, which has a lively arts and culture scene, soon developed into a project whose reputation spread beyond the region. It is now a firmly established element of Kassel's art scene. Around 30 large-scale murals have so far been created in Kassel in collaboration with artists from all over the world. Together, they represent what is known as the local "public art gallery". KolorCubes has also initiated and continues to be involved in many other projects and collaborations with a number of clubs and institutions in Kassel.

Registered charity KolorCubes e. V. has been developing an open workspace for the realisation of projects and collaborations in the Schillerviertel district since 2018. Encouraging people to engage with art plays a key role, for example in the form of guided tours, lectures and creative workshops. Above all, the KolorCubes team aims to offer people the opportunity to develop and to discover their talents.

Guided tours of the "public art gallery"

KolorCubes regularly offers guided tours around this "public art gallery"; they are also available on request. The public art gallery "exhibits" are all located in the Schillerviertel district, Kassel's "heart of gold". The district has undergone an astonishing transformation in recent years: unused former industrial premised have been revived by regional companies, artists have opened studios in rear courtyards, and the local street festival, the "Schillerviertelfest", that is held every summer has become a firm fixture in Kassel's cultural landscape.

On the guided tour, the participants can learn more about the creation processes and backgrounds to the wall murals, are given insights into the project's work and have the opportunity to discuss urban art in public spaces.


KolorCubes creative workshops

An important element of the KolorCubes project is to encourage people to engage with art – digitally via the social media, in an analogue way through printed media or also face to face, for instance during workshops and painting projects. Everyone is welcome to participate – the only condition is an open mind.

Everyone should be able to use their imagination in art, which includes making decisions, choosing, letting things happen and allowing them to evolve. People who create and practice art learn to constantly redevelop their ideas and habitual ways of doing things. During the project, they will use either spray paints or paint brushes, always on the basis of a concept that leaves plenty of room for the development of own ideas and that in fact encourages them – creativity and change are experienced jointly, and the environment is shaped together.

Open projects are as much part of the concept as painting projects developed specifically for schoolchildren and companies. What is important is that everyone has fun, can express their creativity and does not have to be afraid of reprimands – according to the motto "each one teach one".


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